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A novel about triumph and redemption.

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Set Out on a Journey

My novel, Spirit of an Eagle is about Army Medic, Anthony Lorenzo, after he returned home from the Vietnam War in 1969. Haunted by horrific combat memories and the death of someone he dearly loved, he set out on a journey into an unforgiving wilderness. With the guidance of an eagle and a strange mountain man, Lorenzo searches for meaning and a second chance to live fully again. It will inspire and uplift anyone, who struggles to overcome their sorrows. Also, this deeply moving story is mixed with lively characters filled with love, romance, friendship and humor. 

Story of Triumph

Spirit of an Eagle is available on Amazon. com. Now you can read a deeply moving story of triumph and redemption. It's the perfect gift for a veteran, who may be adjusting back into civilian life. Also this is great for anyone, who enjoys a positive approach to life.

A Story to Inspire You

Spirit of an Eagle is the perfect gift that will last in the hearts of readers. It's an inspirational message of love, compassion, forgiveness and second chances.

My Story

                                             Steven S. Foster  

   After I completed four years with the Air Force, in 1970, I yearned to be a writer. So, I worked as a welder at night, to support my family and continued my education. In 1976, I earned a BA degree in communications at Biola College. This led to a stint in a smoke-filled newspaper office. Then, I served as a writer at Campus Crusade and published numerous magazine articles. 

    Later, I worked at a non-profit counseling agency and gave presentations in schools. Finally, I settled into a career in customer service where I fine-tuned the art of studying people and behavior. Now retired, I wrote a novel, Spirit of an Eagle now available on Amazon.


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As an author, I'd love to hear from my readers and fellow authors. Feel free to contact me here. Follow on Instagram as well. I'll respond as soon as possible, if I'm not traveling. 

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